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dr hab. Garry Robson, prof UJ.

dr hab. Garry Robson, prof UJ.


Garry Robson was awarded a PhD (Sociology) by Goldsmiths College , University of London in 1998. Following this he taught and researched for four years in England ( Goldsmiths College, University of East London) before relocating to Poland in 2002. He has since teaching sociology and cultural studies in Polish universities, mostly in Krakow. He is currently Professor Nadzwyczajny at the Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora, UJ, teaching MA courses on Globalisation, Cultural Studies, Research Methods, The Sociology of Sport and African-American Expressive Culture on the international Transatlatnic Studies MA programme.

Research interests:

  • Research interests:
  • Globalisation and Social/Cultural Change; 
  • Sociolinguistics( of English); 
  • Digital Culture and Surveillance in the Western Democacies; 
  • Popular Culture in Contemporary British and the USA; 
  • Sport, Social Class and the Body.

Current projects:

  • He is currently engaged in research for a book on the cultural transformation of the United Kingdom nad its realtions with the USA and EU since 1997. 

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Conference papers

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