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Chair of Migration and Ethnic Studies was established in 2013 as a continuation of the Chair of National Sociology and Ethnic Relations, which has been headed by Professor Grzegorz Babiński since the 1970s as a part of the then-Institute of Polish Diaspora Studies (which was later renamed the Institute of Polish Diaspora and Ethnic Studies).
The scholarly interests of our employees are focused on issues pertaining to continental and overseas migrations, the creation and sustenance of immigrant communities, ethnic and national minorities, and the identity processes functioning within them as well as the role of religion in the public sphere and the American religious right.
The activities of the chair are closely associated with first-cycle studies in the field of International Migrations, which have been offered since the 2014-2015 academic year.

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  • streams of contemporary economic and political migrations in a historical context (historical sociology), mainly to the EU and North America
  • immigration to Italy and the Italian migration policy
  • selected ethnic groups in America, their history and ethnic relations (Polish, German, Italian, and Jewish Americans)
  • transformations of immigration centers: old and new institutional forms
  • women’s migrations
  • religion and migrations
  • church-state relations in the U.S.; the role of religion in the American public sphere; the American religious right and the “culture wars;” Black churches
  • ethnic identity and the identity politics of the Eastern and Central European national minorities and ethnic groups without their own state
  • social problems in the U.S.

Organized conferences and workshops:

Dr. Kulpinska is responsible for the organization of biannual international conferences on the topic of "American ethnicity" which have been held every two years since 2004 and are an important aspect of the Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora and the Polish Academy of Learning. These meetings have been attended by distinguished scholars from leading institutions from around the world, including Columbia University, New York University, the University of Leipzig, the University of Vienna, the Jagiellonian University, and the University of Warsaw. Thus far, seven editions of the conference have taken place; the most recent being:

  • 2012 – "American Ethnicity: Rethinking Old Issues, Asking New Questions."
  • 2014 – "American Ethnicity and East European Immigration."
  • 2016 – "American Ethnicity and Ethnic Community Building."

Co-organization of a Symposium of the Section of Social Anthropology of the Polish Sociological Society: "Mobilnośc i osiadłość. Antropologiczne badania społeczno-kulturowej aktywności wobec przestrzeni", (“Mobility and Rootedness: Anthropological Research on Socio-Cultural Activity"), Zakopane, September 24-26, 2015.

Organization (in cooperation with the Polish Academy of Learning and with the benefit of a generous grant of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs) of the conference "Młoda polska emigracja w UE jako przedmiot badań psychologicznych, socjologicznych i kulturowych: EuroEmigranci.PL" (“(“New Migrations from Poland to the EU: Psychological, Sociological and Cultural Perspectives;” September 23-24, 2013).

The organization  of the Congresses of Polish Scholarly Societies in Foreign Lands in cooperation with the Polish Academy of Learning and the Krakow division of the Wspólnota Polska Society:

  • "Strumienie migracyjne ze współczesnej Polski: od tradycji wychodźstwa do trans-narodowości" (“Migration Streams from Contemporary Poland: From the Tradition of Exile to Trans-Nationality”), academic sessions as a part of the Second Congress of Polish Scholarly Societies in Foreign Lands, Krakow (September 5, 2008).
  • Third Congress of Polish Scholarly Societies in Foreign Lands, “Młodzież polska na obczyźnie – zadania edukacyjne”, Kraków (September 7-11, 2011).
  • Fourth Congress of Polish Scholarly Societies in Foreign Lands, "Nowoczesne nauczanie tradycji ojczystych – sybiracy i młodzież" (“Modern Teaching of Ancestral Traditions: Siberian Exiles and the Youth”), Krakow (September 4-7, 2014).


  • Participation in scholarly conferences organized by members of the Academic Circle of American Studies – moderation of conference panels and the presentation of papers.
  • Participation in discussions with students, including the “Fireside Chats” and the "Kawa z wykładowcą" (“Coffee with a Lecturer”) meetings organized by the Academic Circle of International Migrations.