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The Department of American Studies is one of the oldest centers of American studies in Poland. It was established in part thanks to grants from the Mellon Foundation, which allowed for the development of scientific activities and the amassing of a large book collection. The creator of the Krakow Center of American studies is Prof. Andrzej Mania, who in 1994 became the head of the Interfaculty Department of American Studies, which in 2000 was transformed into the Chair in American Studies. Interdisciplinary doctoral studies in American studies, which have been offered for many years, have resulted in several dozen Ph.D. dissertations in various disciplines. In 2019, the department changed its name to the Department of American Studies.

Scholars from our department represent a wide range of specialties and scholarly interests, including history, political science, international relations, law, and philosophy.

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  • U.S. foreign policy
  • The U.S. political system and institutions
  • Campaigns and elections in the U.S.
  • The American legal system
  • The United States Supreme Court
  • The intellectual history of the United States
  • The American way of war
  • United States history
  • The recent history of international relations
  • Global governance

Publications: The academic journal "Ad Americam: Journal of American Studies" (since 2000)

Organized conferences and workshops:

  •  “Back in the Game? Poland in Transatlantic Relations after 1989;” international workshop with the participation of twenty researchers from Polish, American, and German centers, active in the field of transatlantic studies (March 20, 2015).
  •  “Negotiating Cultural Differences in an Era of Digital Communication;” international symposium with the participation of Zygmunt Bauman and Ciro Marcondes Filho (October 2-3, 2013); post-conference publication.
  •  “Presidential Elections in the United States: Challenges and Expectations” (October 26-27, 2012); post-conference publication.
  •  “The United States and the World: From Imitation to Challenge;” international conference (May 29-30, 2009); post-conference publication.
  •  "American Myth in Polish Culture: Construction, Reconstruction, Deconstruction"; international conference (April 18-19, 2008).
  •  “US Foreign Policy: Theory, Mechanisms, and Practice;” international conference (May 25-27, 2007); post-conference publication.