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What is the admissions process?

The admission process for programmes at the Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora takes place through our Online Application System. More information on admissions can be found at the Admissions Department website.

What studies do we offer?

Studies in Polish:
American Studies 1st degree
Latin American Studies 1st degree
International Migrations 1st degree
American Studies 2nd degree
International Migration 2nd degree

Studies in English:
MA in Transatlantic Studies

Where can you find us?

Our Institute is located in the very heart of Krakow, in the historic Spiski Palace. All classes take place in the Main Market Square. Only with us the slogan: studies in Krakow takes its real meaning. You will find us also on facebook i and instagram.

What makes us distinct?


The courses taught at our Institute allow students to deepen their knowledge in various fields: history, political science, sociology, art, anthropology, as well as management and public relations. The rich offer of optional courses, also in English, which account for almost 30% of all courses, allows students to develop a very individualized study plan. Our main areas of interest are North America, Latin America, transatlantic relations and modern migration processes.

Exeprienced faculty staff and modern ways of teaching

Our faculty members have experience working at foreign universities, among others in the USA, Canada, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico. Coures are taught in a modern way through multimedia presentations, team projects, panel discussions, film screenings, and Oxford debates. Our employees actively cooperate with the media, being regularly interviewed by TV and radio stations, online portals and newspapers and magazines.

Academic International cooperation

Our Institute collaborates closely with the US Consulate in Krakow, Dickinson College (USA) and Universite de Montreal (Canada). Students have the opportunity to visit to other universities, among others. under such programs as MOST, Erasmus + (European universities), CEEPUS (Central European countries), Border Crossing (Australia), Study Tour (USA) and exchanges with universities in Chile and Peru. Numerous guest lectures by professors from foreign universities, diplomats and journalists provide an excellent opportunity to meet interesting and famous people.

Vivid and vibrant student activities

There are three scientific circles in the Institute, relating to American Studies, Latin American Studies and International Migrations. With their help, you will get a great chance to develop your passions and will have opportunities to participate in many scientific and cultural events such as:

  • American Culture Days, Canadian Culture Festival, Latin American Culture Days,
  • U.S. Election night, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas Party,
  • American Quiz Nights, Fireside Chats, street games,
  • Informal meetings with academic staff, e.g. cyclical "Coffee with a lecturer" meetings, football and basketball tournaments.