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What is the admissions process?

The admission process for the International Migrations 1st degree (studies in Polish) at the Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora takes place through our Online Application System (IRK). More information on registration dates, rules and limits of admissions, and required documents can be found here.

Who are the studies for?

For those who want to understand contemporary social mechanisms in the context of such phenomena as migration, ethnic diversity, intercultural relations, or refugee issues.

What about the content?

During three years of study you will learn the basic mechanisms and dynamics of migration processes. You will find out what the main streams of modern migrations and refugee movements are and what the situation of minorities and their rights is. You will gain knowledge about international and national institutions dealing with migrant affairs and migration. You will learn about the history and contemporary aspects of the world’s ethnic diversity, the theory of national origins, the history of refugee movements, and their contemporary dimensions. Our courses are designed to provide tools for the proper analysis of multicultural societies and migrant communities. In our teaching we combine theoretical knowledge with a practical approach.

After your studies?

Graduates enter the labor market equipped with thorough knowledge of the cultural, social, political, and legal determinants of modern migration processes, ready to work in the public and non-governmental sector serving migrants and managing migration, social centers, cultural institutions, and the media. They will also be very well equipped to work in international professional environments that require intercultural and communication skills.