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Katarzyna Górska, Ph.D.

Katarzyna Górska, Ph.D.


Dr. Górska holds an M.A. in Cultural Studies and Latin American Studies (Jagiellonian University 2009, 2010) as well as a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies (Jagiellonian University, 2016). She was an affiliated researcher at the Social Sciences Faculty of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (2013-2014).


  • Tutor of the Students Association of Latin American Studies at the Jagiellonian University
  • OSA coordinator (Latin American Studies)

Academic interests:

  • cultural identity
  • transculturation processes
  • urban culture
  • internal migration

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2020, Miasto, barrios i kultura popularna w Peru Tożsamość kulturowa nowych mieszkańców Limy (“The City, Barrios, and Popular Culture in Peru: The Cultural Identity of the New Inhabitants of Lima”), Krakow: Księgarnia Akademicka, pp. 302.

2016, Todas las sangres: Peruvian Multiculturalism in the Migrant Settlement of Metropolitan Lima, "Ad Americam", Vol. 17.

2014, Argentine Cultural Identity Process in the Cinema of Daniel Burman, "Subalternspeak: An International Journal of Postcolonial Studies", Vol. III Issue I.

2014, Quechuan Modernity and the Literature of Kilku Warak'a, "Rupkatha Journal On Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities", Vol. 6, Issue 2.

2012, National Identity and the Reference to the Indigenous Issue in Argentina and Mexico, "The Humanities Review", Vol. 9.2 (Spring).

2012, Kulturomiczny cul de sac? O nowym podejściu w naukach o kulturze (“A Culturomic Cul-de-Sac? On the New Approach to Culture in Research”), "Kultura i Historia", No. 21.

2016, How to Travel Smart? Tools to Save Time and Money While on the Road, "Medium Hostfully".

2015, Pray to Jesus? Apu Ausangate?, "Kontynenty", No. 1/2015.

2014, East of Lima, " Magazine", 24 July.

2014, Gabo, hasta siempre, (“Gabo Forever”), " Magazine", 6 June.

2013, Magía barranquina (“Barranquino Magic”), " Magazine", 26 April.

2013, The Digital Library of Babel, " Magazine", 6 June.

2013, We Are All Nomads, " Magazine", 15 January.

2017, 22 May, the international conference: "Wielokulturowość – fakt społeczny czy nieudany projekt polityczny?" (“Multiculturalism: A Social Fact or a Failed Political Project?”), Jagiellonian University, Krakow. Paper: "Limeńskie organizacje kulturowe i ich działania na rzecz promocji wielokulturowości w osiedlach migrantów" (“Lima Cultural Organizations and Their Efforts to Promote Multiculturalism in Migrant Neighborhoods”).

2015, 22-24 September, Third Political Science Conference, Jagiellonian University, Krakow. Paper: "Limeńskie polityki kulturowe wyrażone w programach Puntos de la Cultura oraz Cultura Viva Comunitara" (“Lima Cultural Politics Expressed in the Programs Puntos de la Cultura and Cultura Viva Comunitaria”).

2013, 14 December, The International Conference: "Przyroda i kultura Peru" (“The Nature and Culture of Peru”), Jagiellonian University, Krakow. Paper: "Chicha – fuzja rytmów tropikalnych i andyjskich w muzyce popularnej Peru" (“Chicha: The Fusion of Tropical and Andean Rhythms in Peru’s Popular Music”).


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Research projects

  • POB Anthropocene Young Lab Competition, project title: "The new norm(ality) – (changes in) immigrants' adaptation strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic".
  • "Society Now!" Competition, Excellence Initiative JU, project title: "Wpływ zmian polityki imigracyjnej Polski wywołanych przez COVID-19 na rynek pracy" (“The Impact of Changes to Poland’s Immigration Policy Caused by COVID-19 on the Labor Market”).
  • National Science Centre, Preludium – research project “The Cultural Identity of Cholos: The Transculturation Processes of Identity Among the New Citizens of Lima Metropolitana,” 2013/09/N/HS3/0201.