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Latin American “Megacities” as a Mythical Source of Spatial Identification

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The aim of the lecture is to analyse examples of city development in Latin America trying to explain which the elements that shape their specificity are; taking into account the processes that made them become a mythical source of cultural identity. This identification could be traced in many examples that are in fact a cultural syncretism between the original place from where immigrants came and the culture of the new space. 

We would like to open questions and reflections about the eventual further development of the concept of affiliation to the megacity in the context of “global uniformity” and growth of many megacities around the world.

Dr Bea Tomšič Amon - Associate Professor of Didactics of Visual Art Education at the Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Professor Tomšič Amon’s research interests are focused on topics of visual literacy, spatial perception and education, and architecture and education. Professor Tomšič Amon is a scholarship recipient of the CEEPUS program at the Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora (UJ).

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