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Imaginary Spaces: How Foreigners Recreated Latin American Space

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Many imaginary spaces were created in the area of Latin America by different writers during the centuries after the conquest. Probably El Dorado is the first well known, but the list is quite long and reveals an attitude that could be compared with Said’s term “orientalism” referred to this part of the world.

This presentation also deals (because many writers used also visual images in their representations of that foreign space that America was) with the history of carving images from the “New Continent” starting with the work of John White, Jan De street and Theodor De Bry. This is an important chapter in the history of Europe, namely the practical development of print after Gutenberg

Dr Bea Tomšič Amon - Associate Professor of Didactics of Visual Art Education at the Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Professor Tomšič Amon’s research interests are focused on topics of visual literacy, spatial perception and education, and architecture and education. Professor Tomšič Amon is a scholarship recipient of the CEEPUS program at the Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora (UJ).


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