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Language Policy Issues in Australia

Termin: 17.05.2017
Miejsce: Rynek Główny 34, sala 9

17 maja o godz. 10.00 odbędzie się wykład gościnny dr Évy Forintos z Uniwersytetu Panonica, Veszprém (Węgry): Language Policy Issues in Australia.


Language Policy Issues in Australia.

The lecture on Multiculturalism in Australia covers the most important aspects of Australia’s multicultural policies, which evolved from the need to address issues raised by the arrival in Australia of large numbers of migrants, many whose first language was not English. Among the most profound changes in Australia over the past century has been the evolution in public policy from the White Australia Policy to a non-discriminatory immigration policy, with the parallel transition from assimilation to integration and then to multiculturalism.Mention is made of the lost generations, which meant the removal of Aboriginal children to facilitate the aim of assimilating children of “mixed Aboriginal blood” into the “white community”.

Data opublikowania: 12.05.2017
Osoba publikująca: Monika Wyroba