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Humanitarian Aid from below. A Discussion with Medics Working in Conflict Zones

Data: 25.03.2022
Czas rozpoczęcia: 15.30-17.30
Miejsce: Reymonta 4, sala 037
Organizator: Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora JU, Institute of European Studies JU, STEP-IN
In light of the acute humanitarian crisis in the wake of the war in Ukraine, it seems important to discuss and share knowledge and experience of humanitarian aid and actions from conflict zones around the world. We would like to warmly invite you to a moderated talk on Friday, March 25th, 15:30-17:30 at the Faculty of International and Political Studies of the Jagiellonian University, ul. Reymonta 4, room 037, where we will have the pleasure of hosting STEP-IN, a non-profit organization focused on providing healthcare in humanitarian and post-humanitarian contexts.


STEP-IN has provided support to people affected by conflicts in Iraq, Syria and recently also Ukraine.  Their aim is to effectively deliver a comprehensive range of services focused on health in its holistic definition, with the belief that such an approach is the best way to support people and communities they work with, creating the conditions in which they can reach their full potential. Their mission is to provide quality, equitable healthcare and promote a social environment that allows well-being in all its dimensions.

During the meeting, we will discuss with our guests their experiences and actions in the field, the making of the book ‘2014. The Year I Died’, as well as the current humanitarian crisis.

Our guests:

  • Zuzana Ulman, a medical doctor who, seeing the dramatic situation of displaced people in Kurdistan Region of Iraq, brought a team together to create STEP-IN. She came up with the idea of writing down stories of people affected by the 2014 ISIS expansion.   
  • Przemysław Ulman is a co-founder and program manager at STEP-IN. Present in the field from the very beginning, he makes sure the team's operations are possible.
  • Katarzyna Nowak joined the STEP-IN team in 2018 and was deeply involved in the process of publishing the book '2014. THE YEAR I DIED'.  

The meeting will be moderated by: Dr Joanna Kulpińska & Dr Karolina Czerska-Shaw

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  • Opiekun: dr Joanna Kulpińska
  • Liczba godzin OSA:  2 godziny
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