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American Health Care Policy from FDR to the 2018 Mid-term Elections

Date: 12.04.2019
Start Time: 9.45
Place: Rynek Główny 34, sala 4
Organiser: Instytut Amerykanistyki i Studiów Polonijnych

Open guest lecture: Julia Fodor Ph.D.

First, we will look at what are the reasons why the US is the only industrialized nation where access to basic comprehensive health care is not among the fundamental rights of citizens, but treated instead as a market commodity. Then, we will look at what changes President Obama’s healthcare reform (Obamacare / ACA) has achieved, followed by President Trump’s 2016 campaign promise and initiatives to scrap and replace Obamacare.

Julia Fodor has been a lecturer in American, British and Irish Culture and History since 1997, first at Eötvös Loránd University, and since 2001 at Károli Gáspár University. She resides in Budapest, Hungary, but she went to high school in the USA, lived in Spain and just recently returned from living in the UK with her husband and 3 children.
She wrote her dissertation on 20th century American history, focusing on the health care reform debate in the US from Theodore Roosevelt’s Progressive Party’s platform all the way to Barack Obama’s health reform agenda.

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