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Guest Lectures by dr Philipp Adorf from Bonn University.

event-date: 04.12.2017 - 08.12.2017
Place: Main Square 34

Dear Scholars, dear Students,

Between 4th and 8th December our Institute will be visited by dr Philipp Adorf, a research assistant at Bonn University. In his last book How the South was won and the nation lost: The roots and repercussions of the Republican Party’s Southernization and Evangelicalization. (Bonn: Bonn University Press, 2016) he analyzed the manner in which the Republican Party conquered the previously Democratic “solid south” of the United States and the consequences this seismic political realignment has had on the GOP’s future electoral prospects in light of America’s changing demographics. Philipp Adorf’s current research focus applies a similar approach to (western) Europe and assesses how the growth in ethnic diversity is contributing to a turn to the populist right among segments of the white working-class in particular. During his visit in the Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora he will give three lectures/presentations:

“Demographic changes in the United States: Shaping future political majorities?”- Tuesday, December 5th, 8.15.-9.45- room 31.

“Populism on both sides of the Atlantic and its relationship with the media”- Friday, December 8th, 8.15-9.45, room 4.

“The transformation of the Republican Party over the last half-century”- Friday, December 8th, 10.00-11.30.

Join us on any or all dr Adorf’s lectures.


Published Date: 04.12.2017
Published by: Iwona Hodur