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October 2023

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Search Collectives as a Driving Force Behind Social Change. The Case Study of Tijuana, Baja California (2020)

Date: 16.10.2023
Start Time: 16.45
Place: Reymonta 4, Sala 11

Zulia Orozco

Since the late 2000s, organized crime has harmed Tijuana, Mexico's northwest border city. It has become a complex, transnational, and multicultural criminal center. During the conference, we will discuss how relatives of the disappeared can become empowered even in contexts of severe criminal violence and atrophy of the security and justice apparatus, such as that experienced in Tijuana over the last three decades. Families of missing persons have banded together as collectives to bear the unending pain on the one hand while initiating cultural, social, and institutional change in Tijuana with "small victories" over the last few years. While some may question the circumstances surrounding the participation, the technical knowledge accumulated by these groups has undeniably greatly assisted law enforcement agencies that lack the material, training staff, resources, and even information about possible clandestine graves or human remains. Furthermore, their work is so solid that they continued to search even during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Zulia Orozco, Ph.D. – Full-Time Researcher at the Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales at the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC) and member of the Mexican National Researchers System (Conacyt). Her scholarship focuses on organized crime, violence, necropolitics, and cross-border security issues in the Tijuana – San Diego region. Doctor Orozco published on firearms trafficking, violent homicides, organized crime, and money laundering in Baja California.

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  • Opiekun: dr AnnaWyrwisz
  • Liczba godzin OSA: 2 godziny
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Wykład kierowany jest do studentów latynoamerykanistyki, ale mogą w nim uczestniczyć wszyscy studenci IAiSP.