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On Extraterrestial Life and Human’s Future in the Universe. A combined physical, social and political science discussion

Date: 11.01.2022
Start Time: 15.00
Place: MS Teams oraz Youtube

We cordially invite everyone – students, PhD candidates, researchers and lecturers of our Faculty of International and Political Studies and other JU’s units – to participate in the open lecture by Professor Jonathan Jiang from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology (CalTech) on the subject: On Extraterrestial Life and Human’s Future in the Universe. A combined physical, social and political science discussion.

Among the billion trillion stars in our universe and more than 13 billion years since the beginning, none civilizations have reached the level of technology and growth that substantially colonized our solar system or systems nearby. Recent studies suggest that the probability of self-annihilation is the most influential parameter determining the quantity and age of galactic intelligent life. Consider the current pandemic still sweeping the world, the latest pessimistic climate change trend, and tensions between China and Taiwan at all time high, it's not surprising that many people have doubts about future of humans on Earth.
This seminar encompasses a combination of physical science, social science and political science reasoning to address the interdisciplinary nature of this puzzle. We will discuss the future detection and study of extraterrestrial life; how this will challenge our view of nature, including ourselves; what would extraterrestrials be like; what would be their science, politics and society? We will also discuss the ideas of safeguarding our species, and paths for our civilization to grow and survive in the future.

The lecture will be held on 11 January 2022, 15:00 CET on the MS Teams platform and will be live streamed on Youtube.


Link do spotkania:

Youtube oraz MS Teams

Wydarzenie można zaliczyć w ramach programu OSA:

  • Opiekun: dr Anna Wyrwisz
  • Liczba godzin OSA: 2 godziny
  • Forma zaliczenia: sporządzenie krótkiej notatki w języku angielskim lub polskim (max. 500-600 znaków), dotyczącej tematyki poruszanej podczas wykładu i przesłanie jej dr Annie Wyrwisz do 25.01.2022
W pierwszej kolejności wydarzenie kierowane jest do studentów Amerykanistyki, ale mogą w nim uczestniczyć również studenci innych kierunków.