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Migration Studies - Review of Polish Diaspora

Migration Studies - Review of Polish Diaspora is a quarterly journal published by the Research Committee on Human Migrations and on Polish Diaspora affiliated with the Presidium of  the Polish Academy of Sciences. The new title refers to the tradition of the Przegląd Polonijny, – an academic journal that was first published in 1975 as an initiative of the Research Committee on Polish Diaspora at the Polish Academy of Sciences.

From the very beginning, The Review of the Polish Diaspora (which was first published as a semiannual journal but since 1978 is a quarterly) has been an interdisciplinary academic journal where the history and transformations of Polish communities abroad are analyzed within the context of broader processes of migrations and ethnic relations. The extended new title describes the actual thematic scope of articles that are published in the journal. We are not limited to the subject of the Polish diaspora; on the contrary, we try to avoid the trap of ethnocentrism.

We publish articles about past and contemporary processes of international migrations and transformations of immigrant communities in their adopted countries. We are interested in all the aspects of migration processes, ranging from the issues of migration policies and the attitudes of state authorities towards immigrants to the issues of collective and individual identities. The first volume under the new title (2009/1) was an invitation to debate on the main concepts and methods in modern studies of migration.


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