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Andrzej Mania, prof. dr hab.

Andrzej Mania, prof. dr hab.

position: Proffessor
profile: ORCID
courses and office hours: USOSweb

Graduated from historical studies at the Jagiellonian University in 1972, he received his doctorate in 1975, he obtained a habilitation in 1983, a professor from 1993. A member of numerous scientific societies (PAU, PAN, PTH, PTNP, PTSM, scientific advisory institution of the Committee awarding the Nobel Peace Prize, Kennan Institute of Advanced Russian Studies, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, Salzburg Seminar 1989 and 1991). He spent many times in foreign scientific centers, including at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point; University of Padova, in the School of Slavic and East European Studies, Univ. of London; at New College - Oxford Univ., in law faculties at: Cleveland State University, Loyola Univ. at Chicago, Univ. of Indiana at Indianopolis, Fordham Univ. at New York; The John Hopkins Univ. in Washington D.C. and at the Bologne Center; Freie Universitat Berlin; Georgetown Univ. George Washington Univ .; he conducted research in presidential libraries in the USA: F.D.Roosevelta (in Hyde Park), H. Truman (in Indianopolis), D. Eisenhower (in Abilene), J.F. Kennedy (in Boston) and L.B. Johnson (in Austin); in the National Archives of the US in Washington D.C., the library of G. Ford (Ann Arbor), J. Carter (in Atlanta); in academic centers educating diplomats, Washington, D.C. New York, Bedford near Boston, at the universities of Prague and Upsalli, as well as at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 2008-2016 he attended about 30 visits to universities and scientific networks (eg IRUN, Coimbra Group, Utrecht Network), of which the Jagiellonian University is a member. He represented UJ: at EUA (2011 Aarhus, 2012 Warwick, 2014 Brussels) and at CDE-EUA; at EAIE (European Association for International Education) and the Quality Assurance Forum in Tallinn, Barcelona, ​​London, as well as NAFSA (Association of International Educators) in Vancouver, Boston and Denver; as part of conferences of universities and Japanese foundations (Copenhagen, Beppu, Tokyo) and during visits to Chinese universities. All trips allowed for visits to universities and establishing scientific cooperation of individuals with an important profile for social sciences.


  • Head of the Department of American Studies
  • Deputy Director of the Institute of Political Sciences of the Jagiellonian University for Didactics - 1985-1988,
  • Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University for full-time studies - 1990-1996,
  • Director of the Institute of Political Sciences of the Jagiellonian University - 1996-1999,
  • Organizer and the first Dean of the Faculty of International and Political Studies at the Jagiellonian University - 2000-2002,
  • Organizer and the first Director of the Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora of the Jagiellonian University - from 2005 to 2008,
  • Member of the first term (in the years 2002-2004) and the second term (in the years 2005-2007) of the State Accreditation Committee; in the second term: vice-chairman of PKA and chairman of a team of social and legal studies. Expert PKA and UKA since 2002,
  • Vice-Rector of the Jagiellonian University for didactics 2008-2016,
  • Member of the Senate, recently in the 2016 - 2020 term,
  • Vice-President of the UAC since 2016.

Scientific interests:

  • US foreign and security policy;
  • mechanisms of forming US policy;
  • history of US policy;
  • history of diplomacy;
  • history of international relations of the 19th and 20th centuries;
  • an interview in the process of forming and implementing security policy.
  • Conducted research
  • State Department in the process of forming and implementing US foreign policy;
  • Executive Office of the President;
  • US intelligence community.


  • Four times awarded the prize of the Minister of Science and Higher Education, many times awarded with the Rector of the Jagiellonian University. Decorated with the Knight's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta and the Medal of the National Education Commission.

Non-academic activities:

  • Member of the Lions Club "Krakow - Old Town" (President of the Club 1996/1997).


Prof. A. Mania published nine monographs (last: Détente and the policy of the United States towards Eastern Europe January 1969 - January 1981, Kraków: WUJ, 2003; Department of State 1789 - 1939, First 150 years of participation in US foreign policy, Kraków: WUJ, 2011; History of Polish Diplomacy, Volume VI 1945-1989, chapters for the years 1947-1955, Warsaw, 2010; Department of State and Foreign Service in the U.S. foreign policy in Hot and Cold War 1939-1989, Kraków: WUJ, 2019). He published and co-created a dozen or so collective works. He is the editor of a series of monographs on American Studies of the Jagiellonian University and since 2001 an editor of the scientific journal "Ad Americam. Journal of American Studies", from 1984 editor of the "Political Science" series as part of the Jagiellonian University Scientific Notebooks. He is the editor of the "Momentum" publishing series promoting the publication of works on leading international problems. He was the promoter of around 1200 MA students mainly in the following fields: political science, international relations, law, cultural studies, administration and English philology. He was the promoter of over 30 doctors, a reviewer in several dozens of doctoral and postdoctoral conducts, and participated in assessing the achievements of candidates for the title of professor. He assesses the conclusions of the Central Commission for Degrees and Titles and the General Council for Higher Education.