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American Studies 2nd degree

North America

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What is the admissions process?

The admission process for American Studies 2nd degree, specialty: North America (studies in Polish) at the Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora takes place through our Online Application System. More information on admissions can be found at the Admissions Department website.

For whom?

Are you studying law, journalism, international relations, sociology, geography or English philology? Or, perhaps, cultural studies, political science or history? Want to become a specialist in issues that will allow you to understand and explain the contemporary world? Are you fascinated with the U.S. or Canada? If so, then American Studies 2nd degree, specialty: North America are just for you.

About what?

This two-year study programme provides a deep understanding of the societies and countries of North America. You will acquire knowledge about (among others):

  • Public and foreign policy in the United States and Canada,
  • American law and political systems,
  • Ethnic, racial, linguistic and religious structure of North America,
  • Theater, cinema and media,
  • American economy and business,
  • History of the United States and Canada,
  • Historical and contemporary migration.

After studies?

Graduates of our studies have extensive knowledge of political systems, socio-political organizations, and current social and cultural processes in the United States and Canada, internally, externally, and comparatively. Also, the studies teach an in-depth ability to gather and present, in written and/or verbal form, a variety of subjects on dynamic social and political phenomena. The studies prepares to work in the media, social, cultural, political, diplomatic and institutions, as well as corporations cooperating with North American companies.